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"Artist Riya Hamid (@riyahamid)—a native New Yorker in Berlin—is another erotic illustrator whose feed is easy to get lost in. “It definitely contextualizes the artist’s work,” Hamid said of viewing erotic art through Instagram. “You feel more intimately involved.” Hamid’s work often features young women in various states of undress, caught in moments of dreamy self-reflection or sleepy wonder." --Karley Sciortino


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Multi-hyphenate Riya Hamid is a poet, artist, and model. Her poetry explores sex, immigration, class, and religion, stitching together poignant memories from her childhood as an immigrant from Bangladesh with contemporary reflections on friendship and romantic longing. And, her Instagram, where she's garnered a large following, features meticulously-styled outfits, abstract art, and pencil drawings of brown women hanging out in their rooms, scrolling through their phones, putting on lipstick, and celebrating birthdays at McDonald's. The ordinariness of these images is what makes them so moving; the women she depicts need not be superhuman to be worthy of representation.  --Vrinda Jagota